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How much should a website cost today ?

This is a question that I get asked quite frequently – mainly due to the nature of my profession

How much should a website cost?

Business owners and operators seems to be getting wildly different quotes from design firms for a website development. The interesting thing is, I get asked a very similar question from young web designers and developers, the question in that case is, “how much should I charge my client for a website”.

A web design project, just like any other service, can range from low to high end, and can include many features.

How much should a website cost today ?


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Why It Matters the Responsive Design

A strong presence is the most important element of online marketing that local businesses can focus on:

Half of all mobile searches are conducted with the intent of finding local results, and 61% of those local searches result in a purchase.

Accordingly, business owners require a simple way to control their online visibility and promote their reputation effectively.

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Beyond The Mobile Web

While the attention now is laser-focused on mobile-friendly websites, it’s also important to note that the mobile world includes more than just Web experiences. Whereas mobile websites tend to deliver that first brand experience (think top of the marketing funnel), native mobile apps help engage customers who are closer to buying, or who have converted once and are now being nurtured.

Customers engaging with brands on mobile apps tend to be the best customers. Analysis shows that they engage more, spend more and become brand advocates via social and other channels. As a result, optimizing mobile app experiences is just as important as doing so for the mobile Web.

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Google Redefines Mobile-Friendly

Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm. That isn't  come as surprise. As the mobile search queries on smartphones now outnumber those on tablets and desktops.

Nonetheless, the announcement was unprecedented in one respect: Google ostensibly manages some 200 algorithms that govern how websites are ranked in its search engine, but changes or adjustments rarely, if ever, trigger public notice. This time, Google announced the change in mobile search months ahead to give companies time to optimize websites for mobile users.

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If you business is not shown on smartphone, get ready to be demoted.

Google is ready to modify their algorithm to include checking websites not ready for Mobile devices. (Responsive Design), making it a necessity to upgrade your website. The trend has been to upgrade anyway, however, because the big search engines were ignoring the market trend, upgrading to a Responsive Web Design remained just an option, not a necessity.

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