Mixing 808s and Kicks Masterclass by Final Web Solution

Sep 30, 2022

Introduction to Mixing 808s and Kicks

Final Web Solution welcomes you to our comprehensive guide on mixing 808s and kicks, a fundamental aspect of music production. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned producer, mastering the art of blending these powerful elements can make a significant difference in your tracks.

Understanding the Role of 808s and Kicks

Before diving into the techniques of mixing, it's essential to grasp the individual roles of 808s and kicks in a track. 808s provide the low-end frequencies and rumble, while kicks offer punch, attack, and groove. Finding the right balance between these elements is crucial for a solid mix.

Techniques for Mixing 808s and Kicks

1. EQing 808s and Kicks

One of the key techniques in mixing 808s and kicks is equalization (EQ). By carving out space for each element, you can prevent frequency clashes and achieve clarity in your mix. Focus on boosting the sub-bass frequencies of the 808s while enhancing the attack and beater frequencies of the kicks.

2. Compression and Sidechain Compression

Utilize compression to control the dynamics of both the 808s and kicks. This helps in maintaining consistency and enhancing the overall impact of the mix. Additionally, sidechain compression can be employed to create a pumping effect, allowing the kick to cut through the mix without overpowering the 808s.

3. Layering and Tuning

Experiment with layering different 808 samples to add depth and character to your basslines. Ensure that the kicks and 808s are in tune with each other to avoid dissonance and create a harmonious relationship between the two elements.

Optimizing Your Mix for 808 Studios

If you are working in a professional music studio like 808 Studios, it's crucial to optimize your mix for the highest quality output. Pay attention to details such as room acoustics, monitoring systems, and acoustic treatment to ensure accuracy in your mixing decisions.


Mastering the art of mixing 808s and kicks requires practice, patience, and an ear for detail. By implementing the tips and techniques shared by Final Web Solution, you can elevate your music productions to a professional level and create impactful tracks that stand out.

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