Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores - SIC Code 5912

Mar 11, 2020

About SIC Code 5912

When it comes to classifying businesses operating in the United States, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system is a valuable tool. SIC Code 5912 specifically pertains to Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores.

Details of SIC Code 5912

Businesses under SIC Code 5912 are primarily engaged in the retail sale of prescription drugs, proprietary drugs, and nonprescription medicines. These establishments may also carry a range of related health and personal care items, along with general merchandise. The code encompasses a wide variety of stores, including pharmacies, drugstores, and more.

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Benefits of SIC Code 5912

Businesses falling under SIC Code 5912 play a crucial role in providing essential healthcare products to the public. By offering prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and other health-related items, these establishments contribute significantly to the overall well-being of communities.

How SIC Code 5912 Impacts Society

Drug stores and proprietary stores under SIC Code 5912 serve as vital resources for individuals seeking access to necessary medications and healthcare products. By operating within the guidelines of the code, these businesses uphold quality standards and ensure the safe distribution of pharmaceuticals.


In conclusion, understanding SIC Code 5912 for Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores is essential for both businesses and consumers. It sheds light on the nature of operations within this sector and highlights the significant role these establishments play in the healthcare industry.