SIC Code 5211: Lumber and Other Building Materials

Sep 17, 2019

Welcome to Final Web Solution's comprehensive guide to SIC Code 5211 - Lumber and Other Building Materials. In this detailed page, we delve into the intricacies of this industry and its significance in the world of business and consumer services.

Overview of SIC Code 5211

SIC Code 5211 corresponds to the category of establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of lumber, plywood, millwork, and wood panel merchant wholesalers.

The Significance of SIC Code 5211

The lumber and building materials industry plays a crucial role in the construction sector by supplying essential materials for various projects. Companies within this industry deal with a wide range of products, including structural lumber, plywood, particleboard, and more.

Key Details about SIC Code 5211

  • Industry: Lumber and Other Building Materials
  • SIC Code: 5211
  • Category: Wholesale Distribution

The Importance of SIC Code 5211 in the Business World

Businesses operating under SIC Code 5211 play an integral role in providing the necessary materials for numerous construction projects, from residential buildings to commercial structures. As a vital link in the supply chain, these wholesalers ensure that the construction industry has access to high-quality building materials efficiently and effectively.

How Final Web Solution Supports SIC Code 5211

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In conclusion, SIC Code 5211 - Lumber and Other Building Materials, is a vital sector that supports the construction industry by supplying essential materials for various projects. Final Web Solution is dedicated to assisting businesses within this industry through our specialized website development services.